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    Old Pup • Ben Ben •Johanna Rose June 23

    7:30 Dooors 8:00 Music $15.00 suggested donation
    Old Pup (Milwaukee, WI) plays warmly haunted folk songs that float between surrealism, absurdity, and lyrical nods to the poets who can say it all more potently. The project is led by multi-instrumentalist/producer Will Hansen, who plays pedal steel with a growing list of artists in the Midwest and beyond (Sleepy Gaucho, Johanna Rose). 
    Meet BenBen, the enigmatic artist reshaping the contours of indie art rock. Based in New York City, BenBen, a.k.a. Ben Wigler, is a polymath — a filmmaker, frame-by-frame animator, and singer with an unconventional voice. BenBen’s songs blend infectious melodies with rock’s angular edge and a touch of folk mystique. In the studio, he meticulously crafts intricate sonic tapestries, a testament to his devotion to musical detail. Dwelling in the deeply authentic waters of outsider art, BenBen’s music is untouched by music scene trends.
    Unconfined by genre or medium, Johanna Rose is an Artist, Musician, and Street Poet based in New Orleans. Her music floats like a hummingbird through the spaces between Jazz, Folk, Country, and Punk, drinking from each, but possessed by none. A songwriter and bandleader as well as an accomplished instrumentalist, she can often be found in the French Quarter on the corner of Royal and St. Peter playing with the gutter jazz band, The Dirty Rotten Vipers.


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