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    Caroline Says • Ezra Feinberg • Gabriel Birnbaum Jul 19

    7:30 Dooors 8:00 Music $15.00 suggested donation


    My name is Caroline
    And this is my bio
    I am not playing
    On Cinco de Mayo
    My show is on July 19th
    I bet you a dollar
    It’s the best thing you’ve seenth
    Actually never mind
    I don’t want to bet
    Unless it’s a dime
    Or else I’ll regret
    Making a promise
    That I cannot keep
    And letting you down
    On July Nineteethp
    But anyway please
    Just come to my show
    I can’t wait to meet you
    Because then we will know
    Each other.

    Ezra Feinberg is an American composer-guitarist, a practising psychoanalyst and former founding member of the San Francisco-based collective Citay. The highly acclaimed third album ‘Soft Power’ (2024)  features Mary Lattimore, David Moore  Robbie Lee and more. Defined by its abundance of melodies, repeating figures and ecstatic improvisations, Soft Power exudes an enlightened and transformative spirit to empower the listener. Recorded in New York by regular collaborator and engineer John Thayer, it follows previous albums ‘Recumbent Speech’ (2020) and ‘Pentimento and Others’ (2018). Feinberg was also a key contributor on the Arp album ‘Zebra’ in 2018.

    Wilder Maker frontman Gabriel Birnbaum (Mutual Benefit, Katie Von Schleicher) cuts straight to the spiritual essence of the characters he inhabits. The lush and psychedelic folk-rock songs on his new album Patron Saint of Tireless Losers highlight a mature narrative voice and a consistently surprising musical syntax. As much as anything he has put into the world, it’s a tour de force that thrives on both self-assuredness and restlessness–marks of a crucial and constantly evolving artist whose work it’s impossible to turn away from once you tap into its frequency.


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