• Fri

    Carmen Quill • Panther Hollow • The Cradle • Apr 12

    7:30 Door 8:00 Music $12 suggested donation

    Panther Hollow is the name under which Colombian-American singer-songwriter, composer & multi-instrumentalist Bernardo Ochoa (he/him) creates. Moving semi-frequently throughout his childhood, Nardo’s work consciously & subconsciously interrogates notions of belonging and grapples with self-love & identity in an ocean of seemingly opposing perspectives. Nardo currently tours with Daisy the Great and Charlotte Rose Benjamin and frequently plays in a slew of other bands in the Lenape land known as Queens NY, where he currently lives and works.

    Carmen Quill (formerly Carmen Q. Rothwell) is a double bassist, composer, singer and interdisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is recognized for her sound and versatility on the double bass, her captivating performances as a solo artist, and her intuitive sensitivity as an improviser. Her debut solo recording, Don’t Get Comfy / Nowhere (2020), “thrives on the meeting of reservation and vulnerability, and its songs feel as emotional and virtuosic as a power ballad yet are sparse and withholding as a Rembrandt” (Pitchfork). 

    The Cradle is the musical project of Paco Cathcart. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Cathcart has been a fixture in the New York underground for a decade now, having cut their performance teeth at house shows and DIY strongholds like The Glove, Palisades, Chaos Computer, Silent Barn, etc. Often the lone “singer-songwriter” on bills featuring the less traditional- performance artists, noise musicians, puppeteers, clowns- Cathcart’s eclectic recorded output and performance style reflects their locality in a thriving experimental arts scene, as well as their root interests in folk music, story-telling, history and poetry. Cathcart has something like


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