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    Marcellus Hall • Pete Galub • Bold Forbes March 22

    7:30 door 8:00 show $12 suggested donation

    Celebrating their newest LP entitled I WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN Marcellus Hall and his band bring their particular literate, independent, danceable rock to the heart of Brooklyn this Friday 3/22 at the Owl. Years in the making, this album captures the band’s unparalleled chemistry involving one part Everly Brothers, another part Beyonce, and another part Johnny Cash. Hall’s existential lyrical acrobatics are on full display in this latest offering which bookends a legendary 20+ year history of home-spun urban folk-rock. Hall heads to Europe immediately following this show for a month of touring. Catch him now! 

    (preview and order the album here:,

    Author Rick Moody says ““Pete Galub is sort of an amalgam of things that are important to the last thirty years of rock and roll. You can hear Television in him, and The Replacements, and The Feelies, and The Clean, and The Individuals, and Freedy Johnston, and Pavement, and the dBs, etc. But his playing is so great and his songs so impassioned, that he transcends the density of influence and becomes totally his own.”  You can hear Pete Galub’s songs and guitar playing in Hal Hartley’s films “Meanwhile” and “My America.”

    Bold Forbes is an acoustic trio based in New York City, made up of Nick Bloom, Reid Jenkins, and David Halpern. Their songs blend the structures of folk and country songwriting with imagistic lyrics and genre-busting arrangements for strings and voice. The New York Times has described their songs as “bouncy and earnest…taking palate-cleansing detours into both lyrical abstraction and dissonant instrumental noise, making for a result that resists cliches as much as it embraces tradition.”


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