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    Miriam Elhajli • Ali Dineen's 'The Loneliness of Either Or' Mar 23

    7:30 Door 8:00 Show $12 suggested donation


    Miriam Elhajli is a Venezuelan-Moroccan-American composer and vocalist whose work is influenced strongly by the folkloric musics of South and North America, modern jazz, and contemporary classical music.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music, she currently lives in Brooklyn where she performs (on the side of the road or otherwise), and is a researcher at The Association for Cultural Equity founded by Alan Lomax. 

    Music from The Loneliness of Either Or: A Requiem for Joan of Arc
    written & composed by Ali Dineen
    featuring Amy Carrigan, Eleonore Weill, Benjamin Marcus, Miriam Elhajli, Hannah Sassoon & other surprise guests
    A special performance of the music from The Loneliness of Either Or: A Requiem for Joan of Arc. This piece delves into the multifaceted layers of Joan of Arc’s story as well as the composer’s own life. The story unfolds through a rich tapestry of original music composed for piano, choir, and strings, providing a powerful vehicle for the themes of gender identity, feminism, betrayal, faith, and resilience. Drawing upon the works of scholars such as Sylvia Federici and Leslie Feinberg, as well as the songwriter’s own history, this piece asks us: where do we find hope and faith in a world full of contradictions and false prophets? Where do we turn when our heroes, myths and gods betray us? And what we can learn from the in-between places in our lives?


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