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    Jordan Glenn/ Katie Jacobson/ Michael Rocketship Movie Oct 28

    7:30 Door 8:00 Show $12.00 suggested donation
    Katie Jacobson is a human girl from New York City interested in the use of words, humor and
    visual narratives in music performance. Some of her past work includes The Aging Piece: a
    punk rock reflection on the passage of time, The Mirror: A piece about narcissism sung on roller
    skates, and Honey Noble’s Last Show Ever: an multi-discipline, multi-room meta-exploration of
    the many identities of the lead singer of a band. Katie is currently reading a book by Will
    MacAskill called “What We Owe The Future” and has two cats named Micho and Pacha. Right
    now she has “long” hair.

    On this night, the 28th of October, Katie will play vocals, Robby Bowen will play drums, Michael
    Coleman will play keys, Ivan Arteaga will play woodwinds, and Carmen Rothwell will play bass.
    Sierra Hendrix and Katie will be co-directing movement and visual story-telling for the
    performance. Some themes might include: quiet and silence, care pedagogy, teleology at the
    mall, Michael Coleman, exposition of an event, what we hate about gigs, cereal = soup of the
    morning, effective altruism, and not knowing much of anything about outer space.
    Oakland based drummer Jordan Glenn has worked closely with Fred Frith (FF Trio, Gravity Band), William Winant, Zeena Parkins (The Adorables), Roscoe Mitchell, Ben Goldberg, Todd Sickafoose, John Schott, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kyle Bruckmann, Michael Coleman, Matthew Welch and bands Jack O’ The Clock, Secret Chiefs 3, The Rova Sax Quartet, tUnE-yArDs and the collective Sifter with Rob Ewing, Beth Schenck and Lisa Mezzacappa. He composes/conducts the large, percussion heavy band BEAK, and since 2007 has led the sax/drum trio Wiener Kids. He also has been commissioned to create scores for evening-length dance pieces by Sharp & Fine and Liss Fain Dance. His solo work distills what he values most… spontaneity, space, texture and groove. A document of this work can be heard on his first solo recording “Flustered”, released this past May on Full Spectrum Records. For this performance he will be highlighting some home-constructed instruments in conjunction with the traditional drum set and acquired junk.
    Michael Rocketship is a Brooklyn native who works in a variety of musical settings, as an improviser/composer and recording engineer/producer. He’s worked with a wide array of artists from Chris Cohen to Kenny Wollesen and enjoys finding himself in surprising musical situations. For his latest project, he’s teamed up with legendary weirdo SNEAL to co-write an album of songs. The process was this: SNEAL would send lyrics in the form of a text to Michael and Michael would compose to the words. Once complete, they decided that it might be fun to create a visual element to accompany the music. They set out to create a feature film and ended up with a series of short videos that fit together and create a special feeling.


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