Paul Spring, Kate Mattison of 79.5, Grandkid & Belle-Skinner Feb 29

    7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation



    Paul Spring is an instrumental guitarist and songwriter from Minnesota, who currently resides in Brooklyn. Playing primarily nylon string acoustic guitar, and occasionally 12 string, he relies upon carefully arranged fingerpicking parts as the foundational voice of his music. He has released 6 full length albums and an EP since 2013. His latest, Neptune, is a mix of instrumentals and songs played on 7 string nylon with minimal drum machine accompaniment. It’s lyrics explore the concept of submersion, and were influenced by David Lynch’s book ‘Catching the Big Fish’, which frequently uses the metaphor of diving to illuminate exploration of the deep and dark sea which pervades our imagination.

    Attempting to pigeonhole 79.5 into something as narrow as a single genre would be an ill advised, if not impossible task. The New York City band sounds like someone spinning a radio dial with such passionate intensity that all the stations blend together into a single, transcendent, almost spiritual force. It’s disco to the beat of modern house; it’s a Supremes cover of a Cardi B banger; it’s Roland Kirk playing jazz through one saxophone, funk through another, and the most earwormy pop tune the 1970’s could muster through a third. It’s an experience—one so effecting that with only a self-released 12” single in circulation, 79.5 had been written up twice in The New Yorker on the merit of their live sets alone. Their debut album Predictions is produced by Leon Michels and was recorded at The Diamond Mine in Queens the old school way, with the whole band playing the songs in one take and captured to analog tape.

    Grand Kid is the dynamic post-americana project of singer/songwriter/guitarist Dan Kleederman.  By virtue of the conversation between his voice and the voice of his guitar, Grand Kid tells the story of the everyday-hero’s journey of letting go and growing up, often traveling from intense intimacy to explosive psychedelia while making many stops in between.  

    Belle-Skinner is a dark nostalgic singer-songwriter based in upstate New York and Brooklyn. With a hauntingly beautiful, lilting soprano and innate sense of melody she crafts tales of songbirds, sirens and desert nomads - nuanced and layered stories which bridge the gap between past and present. Though her influences cover a broad range of genres - from French chansons and Russian folk to contemporary alt-pop and rock - her voice often draws comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Angel Olsen, and Lana Del Rey. - instagram: @grand.kid - facebook: @grandkidband