Lisa Hoppe's Third Reality, Charlotte Jacobs, and Jack Broza Feb 28

    7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation


    Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality
    David Leon - sax
    Tal Yahalom - git
    Lisa Hoppe - bass
    Jack Broza writes big pieces out of small scraps he has gathered. Both his debut album “Gather, Together” and upcoming EP “Not That Deep” run without interruption, weaving between intimate songs, spacious sound-worlds, and asymmetrical grooves to form one extended musical journey. He will be premiering the EP’s new compositions alongside Nathan Reising (saxophone, keys), Griffin Brown (drums), Hannah Marks (bass), and Ashtan Towles (vocals). 

    Jack is a guitarist, was born and raised in NYC, and spent the past year studying Cuban music. 

    Charlotte’s musical expression washes over you like waves, and she has been riding those waves for as long as she can remember. Inspired by her travels, from Nepal to Lithuania, throughout Africa and combined with her Northern European roots, Charlotte’s songwriting is eccentric as she merges experimental and abstract qualities with pop elements. She lets strands of Eastern classical, Scandinavian sound, and Intelligent Dance Music leap in, resulting in innovative songs perfect for her acrobatic and beautiful voice.
    Her art pop projects include top notch musicians and producers from the worlds of improvised music, synth pop, contemporary classical music, EDM, dance and video.
    In her newest EP, Fishtale - out May 31, 2019 and recorded in Brooklyn - she combines her quirkiness with more familiar song formats that best describe this collection as avant pop.
    Her designs for these songs began in her bedroom, where she shapes sounds using the instrument of her voice as the primary source of textural samples and loops, fusing this with an electronic synth palette. She then joined forces with producer and engineer Zubin Hensler, who has collaborated with Half Waif, the Westerlies and Hannah Epperson.