I Sang to you and the Moon, Good Intentions, ruby Dec 5

    7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation



    I Sang to You and the Moon (with Chelsea Crabtree, Kirk Knuffke, and Sam Weber) is Gregg Belisle-Chi's song cycle based on the poetry of Carl Sandburg, featuring a chamber ensemble of guitar, vocals, trumpet, and bass. The music explores approachable tonalities and melodies while following the contours of the words and their own peculiarly winding logic. The songs are uniformly beautiful, powerful, and memorable, whether exploring the more eerie suite-like cinematic moods of "Dream Girl" or the dusty, elemental trance state of "Bringers."
    ruby is a Brooklyn-based free-folk duo made up of violinist/composer/singer abby swidler and singer/composer kim mayo. Brought together by friendship, a shared passion for collaboration, a deep love for lyric-writing, and an experimental approach to the composing and recording process, ruby was officially born when abby and kim challenged each other to fully write and arrange one song each day for a week, which culminated in creating a piece collaboratively on their last day. Through this process, in getting to peek so intimately into each other’s songwriting instincts, and in turning their own and each others’ songs over in their hands like the stone they’re named for, they realized that their musical sensibilities complemented each other, and that they wanted to keep exploring songwriting together. Their week of writing every day together birthed the seed for a collection of songs that they are preparing for their first recording, which they plan to release this coming winter.