Tommaso Gambini // Marta Sanchez 3/29

    7:30 Doors $10.00 Suggested Donation



    Tommaso Gambini
    “The Machine Stops”

    Author Edward Morgan Forster wrote “The Machine Stops” in 1909. Through the eyes of protagonists Vashti and Uno, he envisioned a dystopian future in which humans rely on a universal machine to provide for their needs and to interact with each other. Drawing inspiration from the novel, Gambini reflects on how the internet and social media are impacting our time.

    Tommaso Gambini, Guitar
    Manuel Schmiedel, Piano
    Ben Tiberio, Bass
    Adam Arruda, Drums


    Marta Sanchez Quintet:
    Alex Lore: alto saxophone
    Kyle Wilson: tenor sxophone
    Marta Sanchez: piano
    Simon Wilson: bass
    Daniel Dor: drums

    Combining elements of rock, pop, jazz, classical and experimental music, Marta's tunes are rhythmically complex but strongly melodic. Music that tell stories by integrating folk elements with the harmonic sophistication and spontaneity of jazz. 

    The Quintet is presenting new music that will be recorded this summer. Their last CD, “Danza Imposible” (2017), released by Fresh Sound Records, had a great reception. The New York Times said about it “It features eight tunes she wrote explicitly for her two-saxophone quintet that dance with an unruly grace. It’s glimmering, propulsive music, with hints of elegiac Spanish folk song, cool jazz from the 1950s and the Romantic modern jazz of the 1990s”

    The Quintet's previous recording, "Partenika", was selected as one of the best 10 CD of 2015 by Ben Ratliff for The New York Times. The Jazz Journalist Assotiation, Downbeat and All Music also included this work among their best jazz recordings of the year. 

    “It’s an ambitious record by a strong new group” Ben Ratliff for The New York Times